NHVL Chain of Responsibility

Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws are coming on 1 October 2018. These changes impose extra duties and penalties on businesses which use Heavy Vehicles.

Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws were implemented on 1 October 2018.

Failure to comply with your obligations will result in prosecution and penalties (up to $300,000 and 2 years' imprisonment for individuals) even where no accident has occurred.

Do the changes to Chain of Responsibility affect me?

If you:

  • Consign goods;
  • Pack goods;
  • Load goods;
  • Receive goods;
  • Repair, lease or sell heavy vehicles; or,
  • Are corporate entities, Directors, Partners and Managers;

as part of your business, you could be held legally liable for breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) even though you have no direct role in driving or operating a heavy vehicle.

In addition:

  • corporate entities,
  • directors,
  • partners and
  • managers

are accountable for the actions of people under their control.

Contact us now on 8291 2000 or email wr@mtasant.com.au for information on our comprehensive training.

What you need to do to remain or achieve compliance:

  • Any business in the CoR needs to keep and maintain management systems
  • Up to date staff training, including Executive's training in their primary safety duties
  • Conduct regular risk assessments

How to ensure compliance.

To ensure industry compliance and to support members and the wider community, the MTA has created:

  • A CoR package which contains all the tools necessary for compliance
  • New training specific to ensuring executives and employees have received the necessary training for compliance with their CoR obligations.

MTA helping you remain compliant


NHVL/CoR Management System:
$295 MTA members | $599 Non-members

CoR Training:
$195 MTA members | $325 Non-members

On-site CoR Training Delivery:
$1999 per class (maximum 20 per class) for Members

$3999 per class (maximum 20 per class) for Non-members


Contact us to arrange training or see events calendar for upcoming training

Delivery Mode:
Theory and practical applications.

Course Location:
Motor Trade Association, Level 1, 81 Greenhill Road, Wayville SA 5034 or on location

Phone 8291 2000
Email wr@mtasant.com.au

Download the NHVR Chain of Responsibility flyer for more information.


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