Workplace Auditing

Deal with the best in the business and save thousands!

At any moment SafeWork SA can visit your workplace and undertake an audit.

Protect your business and ensure you are compliant and meeting WHS and Industrial Relations requirements by booking a comprehensive and industry respected WHS or IR/HR audit with the MTA today.

Workplace Health & Safety, Industrial Relations and Human Resources are ever changing disciplines that are essential to get right. For many businesses it can be difficult to locate the correct information and keep up to date with the regulatory changes.

The MTA provides both members and non-members in the automotive industry with auditing services for WHS, Industrial Relations and Human Resources to ensure members are beyond compliant and working to best practice to support the safety and security of staff, customers and clients while minimising the risks of fines or penalties against the business.

Audits can be arranged to assist with:

Work Health & Safety: A qualified MTA staff member will assess your compliance and provide practiced steps to ensure you meet all necessary regulations.

The WHS audit and Improvement Plan measures how effectively your safety systems are working. We will look at your policies and procedures, how well they’re being implemented within the workplace, the workshop itself and what control measures are in place, as well as general plant maintenance and housekeeping.

Industrial Relations: Qualified staff assess your business policy and procedures and provide information and advice on modern awards and legislation, the wages to be paid to employees, employment contracts and agreements and other HR and IR issues.

As part of the IR/HR audit, the MTA will also assist your business in rectifying any deficiencies in your legal obligations under the awards or legislation. The audit will assist in identifying issues of redress and the MTA will provide necessary documents, policies, systems and procedures to ensure best practice.

To conduct the extensive audit/s, the MTA can either visit your work site, or alternatively, we can provide a template document for you to complete (as a self-audit) which can be forwarded back to the MTA for any resulting action/comments.

The conducted audits will provide your business with instant feedback and information which may prove to be of critical importance.


WHS Audits: $550 members | $880 Non-members

IR/HR Audits: $360 members | $600 Non-members

To book a WHS or IR/HR audit, please contact us on 8291 2000 or email

Download the Workplace Auditing flyer for a printable copy.